Under your arm

Another musical joke from Zokudan kotoshi-banashi:

"I heard that shamisen are covered in cat skin, and that's why it sits on your knee, but what kind of skin do they use on tsuzumi?"
"Monkey skin. That's why it sits on your shoulder."
"Hmm... so what about the ōtsuzumi?"
"The ōtsuzumi? Wait, that goes under your arm, right? Must be sea-bream skin."

Since the Okinawan sanshin (ancestor of the shamisen) was covered in snakeskin, I suppose the traditional way of holding it was to stand on one leg, up on a chair, and throw the instrument as far away from you as possible while screaming.

Note that the above contains another non-translation trick: literal translation + hyperlink. The punchline is completely opaque unless you are familiar with the Seven Gods of Fortune and/or pay unusually close attention to beer cans, and rather than elucidate or adapt it I am simply providing the tools for you to research the details yourself. In this form, it's not so much a joke as a joke kit.

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