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About No-sword

No-sword is the personal website of Matt Treyvaud, a writer, translator and linguist who lives in a seaside town near Kamakura, Japan. His current major online projects are the web journal Néojaponisme and his own Japanese language/literature/culture blog, confusingly also called No-sword.

His 30-evening speed translation of Natsume Sōseki's Botchan remains popular, while his ongoing translation of Higuchi Ichiyō's Takekurabe is proceeding at a much more leisurely pace.

Other projects of Matt's that might interest you include his 8-bit renditions of two songs from Puccini's Madama Butterfly, an eerily familiar survival horror text adventure called DotQuest, and Ranyōshū, the random waka generator.

Away from his computer, Matt speaks English and Japanese, can read ancient, medieval, classical and modern varieties of both (where applicable), and is working on his Korean, French and Ainu. He spends as much time as possible in second-hand bookstores. At home he plays second-tier stringed instruments, cooks scrambled eggs, and reads long-forgotten Edo bestsellers.

You can and should contact Matt at matt at no-sword dot jp.

Through a 1,000-yen toy camera, Matt looks like this:

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