More kanji kartoons

(All ibid.)

Let us begin with the first non-writing use to which any writing system is put to: faces.

Clockwise from top left:

  • 淫相: lewd physiognomy
  • 盗相: a thief's physiognomy
  • 善相: virtuous physiognomy
  • 悪相: evil physiognomy (note that the actual picture uses an alternate version of the character for "evil": 惡)

Next up, a tour de force entitled 小大 ("Little and Big"):

Most of these are pretty obvious even if you can't read Japanese, but there are a couple that won't be:

(If you have difficulty with the one at 9:00, congratulations: you have class.)

Next, images made with the characters 女男 (man/woman):

Note that the 女 in the middle looks like (is, really) the hiragana め, because that is the cursive form.

Tomorrow! Similar images directly dealing with the west. In the meantime, why not try guessing what kanji this headwear pair represents?

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