Back to basics: kanji humour

There've been a lot of things said about Chinese characters in the linguisticblogosphere of late. It seems to me that we're losing sight of their real value, which is as kaleidoscopic pun material. So here are some, ahem, imaginative etymologies by MIYATAKE Gaikotsu (宮武外骨)'s Kokkei Shinbun ("Satirical news"), handily available in Kawade Bunko's excellent Kokkei manga kan ("Hall of satirical cartoons").

Person + Dollars = Buddha. (Fun bonus trivia: "弗" was chosen as the character for "dollar" based solely on its superficial resemblance to the "$" character.)
Wave + Woman = Old woman.
Person + Tree = Rest. Love that guy in the center panel. Also, if I am not mistaken, this is just a sexed-up version of the real etymology.
Person + Ladle = Become a monster. My absolute favorite fake kanji etymology ever.

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