For a bit deeper Sugorokians

I can confidently say that SUGOROKU NET is the best Sugoroku-related site I have ever seen. Their "full-size" scans are still too small to read, but apart from that, no complaints. It's not even worth linking to individual sub-pages: if you like any of it, you'll like all of it.

Oh, all right: A sugoroku board commemorating the silver anniversary of Japan's "opening" by Perry! "The main topics between the end of Edo and the beginning of Meiji are covered chronically so well that it [...] explains the relationships among the events more clear than many trite textbook." Sugoroku contains all human knowledge and can do anything, kind of like Emacs.

Sugoroku has been banned in Japan multiple times, mostly because it was used for gambling (until someone "invented" the much more efficient chō-han bakuchi*). According to the Nihon shoki, the first ban was in 689 AD -- actually, I guess it'd be 690 by the Western calendar, because it was in the 12th lunar month: the text says "十二月己酉朔丙辰、禁断雙六", which means "12th month, the first day of which was the day of the Yin Earth Rooster; day of the Yang Fire Dragon [i.e. the 8th**]: Sugoroku banned."

* Which is kind of like vi: clean, simple, and beloved by aficionados, but harmed by its association in the popular mind with scary, unapproachable men in darkened rooms.

** 53 (Fire Dragon's position in cycle) - 46 (Earth Rooster's position in cycle) + 1 (because the first day of the month isn't the 0th, alas) = 8.

Popularity factor: 1


I happen to like my vi(m) and I am not scary or unapproachable at all!

But yeah, it does get associated with either the old bearded Unix gurus or the newer generations nerd from the Linux crowd.

Mmm, can I make use of this occasion to state I am neither a nerd nor a bearded guy? ^^'

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