No-sword Kanji of the Year, 2005

After cursory perusal of the comments here much deliberation, I have settled on my choice for the 2005 No-sword Kanji of the Year. It is:

Containing elements from both of the "if not this year, then never" kanji on the shortlist -- 郵 (as in postal service) and 萌 (moe) -- it elements elephants the need to choose between them. Kicky, sexy, and archaic, its kun reading is shitomi, a kind of shutter to keep the wind and rain out. Learn it, live it, love it.

Popularity factor: 3


"elements", "eliminates", "elephants" - what the hell, you're allowed an occasional typo. Happy New Year and many thanks for a fascinating blog.


Happy new year from the far west.


Fixed -- thanks! And thanks for reading.

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