Because I know you all love posts about Japanese punctuation

So, following up on my previous post, which in comments developed into a discussion of Sino-Japanese "repeat previous character/s" marks, I found the mother of all "long wave" characters in an episode of Crayon Shin-chan (『クレヨンしんちゃん』, Kureyon Shinchan, a long-running gag manga (and anime) about a little boy called NOHARA "Shin-chan" Shinnosuke). Check it out:

The rightmost speech balloon is a train announcement saying that they've reached Action Zoo (don't ask). What's actually written there is "アクション動物園前 /\", which expands to "アクション動物園前 アクション動物園前": "Akushon Doubutsuen-mae, Akushon Doubutsuen-mae." The "long wave" here is repeating nine characters corresponding to twelve morae.

Well, I thought it was impressive.

Incidentally, Crayon Shin-chan is written and drawn by USUI Yoshito (臼井義人) and I love it, non-ironically. It makes me laugh out loud constantly. And his mother and teacher are total foxes.

Popularity factor: 3


I'm glad to learn that I'm not the only person over the age of 12 that finds Shinchan / Shin Jjang (as he is known in Korea) to be laugh out loud funny.


Word, man. Usui is a genius.


My boss makes so much fun of me for checking out Shin-chan tapes from work, but--really! I'm not ashamed to watch the same tapes as the seven year old kids. :/

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