Seriously, police chiefs must get no respect at all

Previously, on No-sword, we noted the appointment as police-chief-for-a-day of a ball-tossing robot in Hakata. It has come to my attention that this was not an isolated incident. At about the same time...

  • ...in Kawagoe, a high school senior was appointed chief for a day. She is apparently the head of her school's pep squad, BOMBERS, which explains the cheerleaders in those photos. (The regular chief does not, presumably, get cheerled.)
  • ... in Harajuku, up-and-coming singer mica was chief for a day. I doubt that the Sanspo repoters will ever again have such a legitimate reason to use the word minisukaporisu ("miniskirt police", in katakana).
  • ... in Saitama City, the one-day police chief position was shared by two kids in elementary school, ages 10 and 11. I understand that under their leadership the Mystery of Smuggler's Cove was finally solved, but unpleasant rumours linger about the mysterious, brutal slaying of small-time conman Bugs Meanyzawa.
And it's all being done to promote a countrywide spring safety campaign.

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Encyclopoedia Chairo in "The Case of the Missing Finger".


Are there any stats as to which "chief du jour" was most effective in detering crime? I'm putting money on the bean bag shooting robot.


Those stats are presumably classified. But my money's on the robot too. And what's up with mica? Isn't it a cliche by now that pretty girls in short skirts CAUSE traffic accidents?


i have nothing intelligent to add, except to say 'Bugs Meanyzawa...hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha. tee-hee.'

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