Protect the innocent

"Robot cop heads Hakata police station for a day".

The battery-powered T63 Artemis robot stands 157 cm, has two arms and can move independently. It has light and sound sensors, and can throw colored balls at anyone it deems to be acting suspiciously.
"... anyone it deems to be acting suspiciously?"

Here's another nice photo of the robot and some kids.

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That article contained like three or four of the funniest single sentences I've ever read.

I can only be awed and humbled that I'll soon be traveling to this technological wonderland.

I can't sleep with that picture in my bedroom.


Sure, it's all well and good for the police to have colored balls, but ordinary Japanese citizens need to be able to protect themselves. They deserve colored balls of their own!


That robot cop (or Robocop) if you will does not seem quite as badass as the robot cops Hollywood has been offering up since the 1980s. And what's with Japanese robots and colored balls? First that mech thing and now this? Come on Japan make some kick ass robots!


Nice to know the chief can be replaced by a ball tossing robot.


Oh, sure, GB -- next you'll be proposing that they repeal the Nerf Swords Control act, too.

Yeah, you do have to wonder how the real chief felt about all this. If it HAD been a more badass robot that might have been some consolation. "Your replacement is a ninja cyborg like in Robocop 3" would be a lot more comforting than "Your replacement is an overgrown pool vacuum".


I guess at least it's not a cyborg whose main identifiable component is a screaming skull. That probably wouldn't be conducive to order.

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