Further adventures in wrongmilk

MilQ was weird, but at least it was based on something humans are supposed to drink (while infants, anyway). This is just completely unnatural: コーラ乳酸菌飲料, the Cola Lactic-Acid Bacilli Drink. Yes: cola-flavored milk.

Mind you, I used to have a friend who would mix cola and milk, saying that it was like a melted spider (or "float" if you're American). That wasn't so bad, actually, especially compared to his other favorite beverage, the "drink that goes fart". We won't even get into that. But this Cola Milk is far worse. It's much sweeter, and it has no carbonation to take the edge off that -- plus, unfortunately, my brain long ago became incapable uncarbonated cola drinks as anything other than suspiciously aged carbonated cola drinks.

And then there's the milkiness. But not quite enough of it. It never makes you think "milk". It makes you think "nightmarish, neverending portion of Yakult".

Oh man. Not recommended.

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Melted spider? What are you Aussies smoking? Or dropping, from the sound of it.


Damn. You just reminded me of this one short story I read when a student at Jochi. I'll elaborate once I remember the title or author.


Hey, for Australians, soda + ice cream = spider. (And soda = soft drink, for that matter.)


Are you sure you didn't grow up in New York? I had a childhood friend with the exact same drink creations (coke and milk and "fart juice") as your buddy.


I prefer coke and half-and-half.


I've been eyeballing this at the local store because it reminds me of watching "Laverne and Shirley" when I was a kid. I think it was Laverne who always used to drink milk and Pepsi, and the very thought of that drink has haunted me for years.


I'm pretty sure I didn't grow up in New York. I think I'd have noticed.

jlp -- I think this drink will haunt ME for years too..

(not dignifying eric's comment with a reply)


actually at least here in wa (western australia) you can get cola flavoured milk too. a friend loves it because he can't drink soft drink for fear of headaches like brain bursts. i'm too scared to go and look for it...

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