Please let them release MilQ2 next year

MilQ (pronounced "Milkyuu") is a new drink from Calpis which draws its inspiration from human breast milk.

The press release here lays down the three rules of MilQ:

  1. 「MiLQ」は、良質な栄養源である母乳をヒントにした新しい乳性飲料です。
    (You do not talk about... sorry. It's really: MilQ is a new milk-type drink in the design of which human milk -- which is highly nutritious -- was used as a "hint".)
  2. 「MiLQ」は、カラダにおいしくやさしく栄養補給ができます。
    (MilQ can deliciously and easily supply one's body with nutrients.)
  3. 「MiLQ」は、ほどよい甘さにさわやかな後味が楽しめます。
    (MilQ allows one to enjoy ideal sweetness followed by a fresh aftertaste.)

They're very insistent about that "hint" thing, presumably to make it clear that they don't use actual human milk. (I should maybe mention that Japanese hinto, although obviously a borrowing of English "hint", can mean something closer to "suggestion" depending on context.)

That press release also tells us that the Q is for Quality ("among other things").

I tried some MilQ myself and it actually tastes pretty good. Which means... but no. Let's not even start down that road.

Popularity factor: 6


The question on everyone's mind: Does the bottle come complete with a rubber nipple?


If getting to that soylent green stage requires a checklist system where you'd have to fulfill certain requirements in order, this would probably number one on that list.


Awww man. I just had that the other night, suggested by my girlfriend because she said it was close to グングングルト. She did not mention that it was fashioned after breast milk.

To me it tasted okay, but somewhat reminiscent of something chalky and vaguely medicine-like. A little like what my memory thinks was Pepto Bismol.

Seeing as I like breasts, I won't complain.


I'd like to reply to all these comments, but my future self travelled back to 2005 specifically to tell me to keep my mouth shut about breast milk already. He didn't look so good.


My Japanese teacher has a son who works for that company.

... and he's sad because his son has yet to find a wife. "I'm worried."

Well, who needs a wife when you have Oedpedial Milk!


Wait... the milk wants to have sex with its mom and murder its dad?

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