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Shocking but true tales in ergonomics
Chapter 11 and a few final thoughts are up! Oh, so very up. And with six hours to spare!

I've included a picture of my workspace to the right there, so that you can see the depths a man sinks to when he spends a whole month translating Botchan. Stay in school, kids! (But not translating school.)

In other translated-novel news, David James Karashima's translation of KANEHARA Hitomi's 『蛇にピアス』 is out! We at No-sword offer Mr Karashima our sincerest envy congratulations, and respectfully beg for a job.

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Congratulations, O Hunchbacked One!Maybe now I'll read it.


Um... my workspace looks like that most of the time. If it weren't for the twice-annual art show I'm in, I'm not sure when I'd see clean surfaces.



Congratulations! Quite a feat.

I'm going to join the begging for a job... and step up my efforts with 蹴りたい背中.



what do you think about the title in translation? i know she had "snakes and earrings" as a decoration on the cover of the book, but do you know if that's a title she picked? how do you think the english title works compared to the japanese one?



Thanks, everybody! (Dr Nick voice)

Daniel -- I dunno, now that it's turned up as the English title too I guess she probably picked it herself. I think it's great as an English titles in general, but since not much of the actual book is actually about _ear_rings... if I'd fallen into an alternate universe in which anyone involved cared about my opinion, I'd have pushed for "Snakes and Piercings". It's not as concrete, but it gets some bonus multiple meanings.

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