No-sword Zoku begins

Alert readers may have noticed that No-sword hasn’t been updated in almost a year. The reason is hubris. The solution is to give up and start again.

To explain: No-sword ran on a monstrous tangle of scripts and YAML parsers written by me in Ruby and running on my home computer. When I set up this system, I assumed that updating and relocating it as necessary would be no big deal. I could just handle it the way I handled all programming tasks: Work at it for hours and hours over the weekend until it was done.

Now, though, I have kids.

I gave myself an entire year, but I was not able to find the time to maintain my decade-old codebase. Time to give up and move to WordPress. And rather than spending another year not finding the time to import my old posts into the database (remember, they’re in a custom YAML format, and half of them were ineptly screen-scraped from an old Blogger account), I decided to just start a new blog.

So, welcome to No-sword Zoku. Is that Zoku in the sense of “continued” (続), or in the sense of “vulgar, popular, common” (俗)? The answer is yes.