Ryūkōsai Jokei reasoned about, catalogued

Andrew Gerstle is the co-author, along with Yano Akiko, of a catalogue raisonné of the works of Ryūkōsai Jokei 流光斎如圭, either a or the founder of the Kamigata school of actor ukiyo-e (started about a century later than in Edo, and featured different actors in different kinds of roles). Since that catalogue was only available in a limited not-for-sale edition, he has very thoughtfully put the work up on the SOAS website for download in PDF format: Ryûkôsai Catalogue: The Dawn of
Osaka Actor Likeness Prints
(Ryûkôsai zuroku:Kamigata yakusha nigao-e no reimei, 流光斎図録:上方役者似顔絵の黎明). The prints start at about page 50. Enjoy!

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