The sort of thing that people in their twenties enjoy

The Kanagawa Museum of Modern Literature have opened their Natsume Sōseki Digital Literary Museum) (夏目漱石デジタル文学館) to the public. It's all in Japanese, but there's a lot of stuff there, scanned and transcribed. For example, I can't find a way to link directly to it, but you want to know what Sōseki wrote on the inside flap of Sudermann's Dame Care (also at Gutenberg)?

是ハtalentノ作品也 geniusノ作品ニアラズ。(アクヌケ)ノセヌ面白味ヲ有ス。二十代ノ人ノ喜ブモノナリ。英国流ノ趣味ナリ。"Undying Past"ノ方遥カニ優レリ

This is a work of talent, not a work of genius. It is interesting in an unsophisticated way. The sort of thing that people in their twenties enjoy. English in its taste. "Undying Past" was much better.

There's also letters, seal imprints, art, and even "relics": Sōseki's fountain pen! The fifth Sōseki 1000-yen note ever printed! The interface is a bit fiddly and I wouldn't want to do research through it, but as idle browsing material this site is pretty great.

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This is amazing, and something I never would have found on my own. Thanks for pointing it out!

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