Since like so many others worldwide I spent most of my free time over the past few days watching Hara Setsuko films, I'm just gonna link to a whole bunch of things I haven't read closely but which sound interesting. I hope that works for everyone.

1. "On the Tale of Genji: Narrative, Poetics, Historical Context." This is a special issue of Cipango, a "French Journal oF Japanese Studies"; it looks like all of their issues are online, in fact. For example, Michell Vieillard-Baron's "Male? Female? Gender confusion in classical poetry (waka)", which mentions in passing a book with the most East Asian Lit title of all time: "Notes on the Draft of the Collection of Gleanings (Shūishō chū 拾遺抄注, 1183)."

2. "Speech Report Construcions in Ainu" and "Reciprocals and sociatives in Ainu", two papers by or co-by Anna Bugaeva on, well, you can probably guess. (Pretty technical and probably not of great interest to non-linguists, but people working on Ainu deserve all the signal-boosting they can get.)

3. "Formal Monkey Linguistics", a brand-new paper with a dozen-odd authors. "We argue that rich data gathered in experimental primatology in the last 40 years can benefit from analytical methods used in contemporary linguistics. [... W]e hope that our methods could lay the groundwork for a formal monkey linguistics combining data from primatology with formal techniques from linguistics (from which it does not follow that the calls under study share non-trivial properties, let alone an evolutionary history, with human language)." The age of informal monkey linguistics, ladies and gentlemen, is hereby brought to a close. (Tentative theme for Hegelian synthesis: "Business Casual Monkey Linguistics.")

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Obviously monkeys need formal linguistics, how else are they going to express baboon metaphysics? (A title I spotted this evening in Jinbocho.)

By the way, on the subject of Genji commentaries, Tyler's collection of essays is good reading.


And cheap, last I checked! One thing you could never accuse Tyler of is complicity with the abuses of academic publishing. I love that he's using his well-earned position of respect and security to the advantage of everyone coming up after him.

I guess my question is, are these monkeys mastering the Ape Organon properly? You can't just jump into Baboon Metaphysics without a solid grounding in the Colobus Categories and Prior + Bright-Red Posterior Analytics.

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