Ten nights dreaming

I forgot to mention this, but I guess my translation of Natsume Soseki's Yume jūya for Dover has been available for purchase for two months now. Also includes a foreword by Michael Emmerich and a (very extensive) introduction by Susan Jolliffe Napier. Why not buy it, and then write to Dover and ask when they'll be publishing more books translated by me? (Update: Don't tell them I misspelled "foreword".)

I am particularly happy that they OKed my preferred English title, Ten Nights Dreaming. This is actually a Finnegans Wake style pun: "Ten nights['] dreaming" + "Ten nights [spent] dreaming." This is, I feel, the best solution for recreating the compact but crisp feel of the original title.

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Congratulations! And I agree, fantastic title. What would you be translating next if the good folks at Dover do follow through?


Oh wow, it's on the Amazon Japan store for the same price as the American one! First time I've ever seen that.




Azuma: Nothing in particular lined up, but it would be helpful if they got the impression that the world was clamoring for more of my work. (Ideally they'd commission me to do Dogura Magura or something, fill up a good couple months.)

Avery: The price is right!

Anonymous: Hooray!



I'm hoping to break into translation next year; as always, you remain an inspiration. If there wasn't a Portuguese edition already, I'd rip yours off :)


Belated congratulations!

I did know a publisher who was interested in Dogura Magura... if I can think of who it was, I'll be in touch.

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