Today I have only a link: the posters for the upcoming Waseda-Keiō (or Keiō-Waseda!) baseball game, in which real students enact ha ha only ultraserious performances of school rivalry tropes.

The cheerleaders, for example, are saying:

WASEDA: "Birigyaru"tte kotoba ga o-niai yo, Keiō-san.
(The word "Biri Gyaru" suits you well, Keiō.)

KEIŌ: Hankachi irai patto shinai wa ne, Waseda-san.
(Haven't had much going on since the Handkerchief [Prince] thing, have you, Waseda?)

(The "Handkerchief Prince" thing seemed like a surprisingly dated reference to me but then I learned that said prince recently signed with the Yankees. [Edit: Except he actually signed with Nippon Ham, in 2011. So I don't even know. Thanks, Pau!])

Weird thing about the typography on these — you're meant to read the left half first and then the right half (a couple of them are more obvious about this than others), but within each half, you read the columns in the traditional order, right to left.

Also, interesting lexical fact: this item is at buzz-media.net. There's a similar site called corobuzz.com. Hypothesis: the "buzz" of Buzzfeed is rapidly becoming a morpheme in Japanese signifying "this is a web site that posts fun listicles."

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Just a quick correction: "Handkerchief Prince" isn't Tanaka Masahiro (currently with the Yankees) but Saitō Yūki (Waseda, now with Nippon Ham), who beat Tanaka in the Kōshien final in 2006.


Thanks! Fixed!


I wonder which came first, Buzzfeed or lingbuzz; but at any rate, someone has combined them.

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