Outside the Hagiwara Butchery in Kamakura:

The stylized 肉 ("meat") character as a logo is nice enough, but that eye-chart curtain is the best. More from SPREAD, the design shop behind this stuff. Another blog with some more pictures and high praise: "the most stylish [oshare] butcher's in the world."

Popularity factor: 4


Also works very well as wrapping paper


It's almost enough to make me less paranoid about being judged a degenerate by the vegetarian-as-moral-baseline generations to come!


I feel your pain, but think of it this way: Mongolians, Huns, Vikings and pirates are guilty of terrible atrocities, but today they're seen as fantasy badasses. Perhaps future people will be like, "and Treyvaud was from the time when they ate the fleshy carcasses of innocent beasts!" "Wow, man, brutal!" "Speaking of which, I hear they're reenacting 21st-century meals in the next Capitalism-Con, don't you wanna come? They've got this synthetic lab-flesh, it's totally realistic…"


"He ate hot dogs? That's so metal!" Yeah, that is sone reassurance, thanks!

Aime la vérité, mais pardonne à l'erreur

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