Nerdy haiku of the day, recorded anonymously in the 1633 Enoko shū:

fuyu nagara/ kihen ni haru no/ hanami kana
"Though it's still winter, tree-radical + spring flower-viewing."

The tree 木 radical + spring 春 is of course 椿 tsubaki, Camellia, which flowers very early.

(Bonus trivia: in Japan, the opera La traviata retains the title of the original story: Tusbaki-hime, which is to say La Dame aux camélias.)

Popularity factor: 2

Tim Martin:

Ah, I love it!

グッチ スーパーコピー 財布:

HERMES スーパーコピー 財布

Aime la vérité, mais pardonne à l'erreur

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