Verses from a failed hermit-poet of the late Tang

I came to this mountain not long ago
I guess it's been a few months now
When people ask where I spend the chill nights
I tell them, "In that house over there, with double-glazed windows"
The people come and speak to me of the world
I'm quite interested in what they have to say
And what I say they often find quite convincing
It isn't like I'm an alien or anything
The mountain isn't as tall as some
And really not that steep either
More or less anyone could climb up here
Except maybe a very old person
I don't stay at the summit that long myself
The air's too thin, it's not good for you
So there I sleep, far below the clouds
With a pillow for my pillow and a nice soft blanket
I wouldn't say that only the rocks and birds are my friends
Although it's true that I don't get into town much
After all, birds can't actually talk
And to call a rock a friend is really more of a metaphor
We scholars, we like poetry an awful lot
But we have other interests too
Nothing beats a day with the wife and kids
And drinks with dinner, but always in moderation

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You've shattered all my dreams about the hermit life. I was really hoping to get to know the moon and my shadow better.


I applaud "a pillow for my pillow".

The hermit who inhabits the Discworld's Crundells estate seems to be an employee like any other, and takes vacations from hermiting. As a good hermit, he keeps strict celibacy, "as did his father and his grandfather before him." Given that the position is hereditary, the vacation time is crucial for maintenance of the line.


Finally, some poetry that speaks to me about my life.

Today I left my (shared, all mod cons) hermitage and ventured into the wilderness that surrounds it. As I contemplated the heron standing by the banks of the canal, a voice in the wind told me: "Get out of the fucking way, this is a cycle path." Such wisdom one can only find in solitude.

Aime la vérité, mais pardonne à l'erreur

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