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In this forum [Okinawa International Forum 2004], we are engaged in a discussion that is based on the results of an excavation study on the historical relationship between Gusuku and Utaki that was conducted by Mr. ASATO Susumu. Of the some 300 places called "Gusuku", there are large sites that are ruins of fortifications. With the exception of Shuri Castle, it is said that, since modern times, most of these sites have been Utaki of a religious nature that are typical of villages. Interpretation of the multilayered relationships of these kinds of ruins and sacred areas is a topic that will likely become significant for the Angkor ruins in Cambodia. Mr. ANG Choulean, who has been researching the religious lives of people who live within these great ruins, discusses the multilayered relationship between the various types of sacred areas and ruins that survive to this day. For example, he mentions the construction of a temple incorporating a giant rock that existed as a sacred place before construction, and today this giant rock, which is reminiscent of a phallus (ringa), has become exposed because the brick structure around it has partially collapsed. [...] This is symbolic of the multilayered relationship between ruins and sacred places.

(From "The Significance of Utaki as Cultural Heritage: Toward Integrated Preservation of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage", by Kamino Yoshiharu 神野善治, in Yamamoto Masako and Fujimoto Mari, eds., Okinawa International Forum 2004: Utaki in Okinawa and Sacred Spaces in Asia: Community Development and Cultural Heritage (Tokyo: Japan Foundation, 2004.)

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