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Via Christopher Culver I learned that

the Indo-European team at the University of Texas at Austin has added a Tocharian course to their Early Indo-European Online series of language lessons.

The Ancient (not "Vedic"!) Sanskrit course also looks interesting, insofar as its stated aim is to overcome millennia of misinterpretation. For example:

In listing the nouns in -van I have included the word grā́van, as it is used by Arthur Macdonell in his Vedic Grammar for Students to illustrate the declension. But I do not believe, as Vedic scholars do, that it means 'ritual stone for pressing out the Soma juice', but that it describes a man who sings (see section 22 in Lesson 5).

(Insert cruel joke about singers who can in fact be profitably described as ritual stones for pressing out the Soma juice.)

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