Oden outreach

I like the idea that someone working at a convenience store got paid to make this:

Interesting that maki ("wrap", sort of) got transliterated instead of translated.

Popularity factor: 5


My local convini was displaying a 緊急通報 today. 緊急, no less! I thought there had been a massive earthquake or they were out of beer or something, but no: 緊急通報:おでんは79円均一.


Octopus legs?

I still don't know what Whelk is.


Very nice. Can you tell whether the handwriting is by someone who learned hiragana/katakana first? I can't.


You forgot to mention how good the translation is. Seems very natural/native! Everyone does love daikon.


The translation is indeed very good! I'm not sure that it <em>isn't</em> a native English speaker. Stuff like "Why don't you give it a go while you have the chance?" seems a bit off but could easily be the result of a native speaker trying to translate a bit too literally.

Joel -- The capital W and F seem a bit CCJK-ey to me (avoidance of straight lines, failure to write W as a single squiggle), but my own awful handwriting probably isn't a good basis for judgment.

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