Bao Pu and Imre Galambos

So via Chris Fraser's blog on classical Chinese philosophy, I discovered Daoism autodidact Scott Barnwell's blog "Bao Pu" (抱樸), which is just amazing. And via that I discovered that Imre Galambos has put his entire 2006 book Orthography of Early Chinese Writing online.

I haven't finished R-ing TFB yet, but it's stimulating stuff so far: the basic hook is "the principle of looking at uninterpreted character forms [...] without assuming the existence of a correct form." In other words, by "examin[ing] pre-Qin writing on its own terms," Galambos hopes to shed new light on its actual nature, including the "specific patterns behind [its] variability," and thereby on the development of the Chinese writing system in general.

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Yes, Bao Pu is amazing. A pity it's blocked in China, or I would refer to it more often.


Imre Galambos has a blog of his own, and posts many of his papers there: http://shahon.org


(Sorry, didn't notice that was a link to his site in the post!)


No problem -- it isn't at all clear from my post that there's a blog as well, being updated quite regularly. Never hurts to publicize the good guys. (Except when it gets them blocked in China for counterrevolutionary philology.)

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