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Today I link to two new(ish) blogs:

  1. 明けぐれの夢に惑ひたまふ (Lost in a Waking Dream), Chris "doing a PhD in Genji studies studies" Kern's blog about Genji, Genji studies, and Genji studies studies.
  2. Kakekotoba, Samir Unni's blog of translations from premodern Japanese (with painstakingly annotated images of the original script!)

Popularity factor: 4

Chris Kern:

Thanks for the link. I'll try to have some actual content up soon :)


You should also make it possible to comment without having a third-party ID! I promise not to talk about Pali.

Chris Kern:

Thanks for the heads up; I didn't realize that was the default setting. I just changed it so anyone can comment.

Samir Unni:

Thanks for the SEO boost! I've been hitting up all the forums I could, but I've gotten a lot more hits from here.

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