Meiji koto sell-outs

I found an interesting paper by Philip Flavin: Meiji Shinkyoku: The Beginnings of Modern Music for the Koto [PDF].

This paper argues for the success of early Meiji compositions for the koto, or Meiji shinkyoku, by suggesting that the composers' adherence to premodern compositional models allowed for their continued appreciation. At the same time, however, these same composers effected a fundamental change in the esthetics of sōkyoku jiuta as they attempted to popularise their music. This change led to a new understanding of music, and allowed Tateyama Noboru (1876–1926) to turn to popular culture and initiate the modernization of koto music. This he did by introducing themes taken from Western military music and keyboard music into his compositions for koto. [...]

The excerpt from Gaisen rappa no shirabe is eye-opening — I wish I could find a recording of it online. (I did find the sheet music, but it's the middle of the night here...)

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