Noh and kamigata rakugo and them, and literature

Diego Pellechia has a blog called 外国人と能 ("A Foreigner and Noh", or perhaps "Foreigners and Noh") about his "journey into Noh theatre". Sample post: Polish – Japanese Noh diplomacy: Chopin and ‘The Piano Tuner’.

Matt W. Shores has a blog called Kamigata Rakugo and Me, which is about "comic storytelling [rakugo] in Osaka [kamigata]". Sample post: Artistic Family Crests 一門の定紋.

Also, I can't remember if I plugged this one before because it's been going for a while, but Will Eells has a great (English-language) Japanese literary news blog called Junbungaku. Sample post: Unpublished Kawabata Manuscript Based on Hungarian Play.

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I think that should be http://www.junbungaku.net/


Or else it really is http://www.junbungaku.com/ and the site is down or inaccessible...


Definitely .com! It was a bit wonky when I tried it out, but then it worked after a bit. Well, no-one said junbungaku was meant to be accessible.

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