Haniwa monkey

I've been parenting hard due to the holidays, so all I have today is this 6th-century terracotta (haniwa) monkey.

As the description says, it's been worn down to a torso and a head, but the slightly twisted pose is probably because a baby monkey used to be attached to that lighter patch on its back. The only other haniwa monkey I know of is this one (attached to a cylindrical container about 50 cm tall), excavated in Maebashi, Gunma, which is indeed accompanied by its child.

Popularity factor: 4


Clearly aliens.

the only thing I find creepier than haniwa is this Enkū eleven-faced Kannon (seen in Blacker’s The Catalpa Bow).


Oh come on, Leo Boiko. Do you deny the inexorably cute marking juggernaut that is the haniwa horse? Do you?


It actually reminded me of Nobi Nobi Boy.

Apparetly the lazy way of making a haniwa horse, with the face just an open-ended tube (the open end being the mouth) was invented in Kanto. Local pride!


And the little faces in that Kannon make me think of Evangelion angels.

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