Annals of cross-linguistic punnery

Noticed in bookshop yesterday: Mai no michi: Hanayagi Yoshijirō Jiden 舞の道—花柳芳次郎自伝 ("The Way of the Dance [mai 舞]: The Autobigraphy of Hanayagi Yoshijirō [V]").

Alternate title in English: "My Way".

Popularity factor: 6



L.N. Hammer:

Bah. And just to make it look like I'm not a spambot, humbug as well.


Off subject, this sort of piece seems up your street:



Off topic, did you know about this? (I translated it into English for the international crowd, you can click the ja: link too.)


Leonardo Boiko:

«Although it is called a compilation of 100 songs, it actually includes 101 songs» ಠ_ಠ


Mulboyne: Thanks! Posted about this today (Monday).

Shii: I did not, thanks for the tip. This looks like the master list of songs that everyone has to learn when they start out playing a traditional Japanese instrument. I wonder if My Grandfather's Clock would have made it onto the list pre-Hirai Ken. (Lots of yonanuki going on, there.)

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