White dogs were fighting

From a 1911 book of Ainu riddles by Frederick Starr and Oyabe Zenichiro 小矢部全一郎, Ainu nazo shū アイヌ謎集. Translations are mine... and from the Japanese — shame! I play a bit fast and loose with tenses and framing details and the like, but the substantives are all from the original.

Q: When going in, they face out; when going out, they face in. What are they?
A: Your calves.

Q: Both those who come from far away and those who come from very near are glad of it. What is it?
A: A toilet.

Q: A black dog was licked by a red dog. What was happening?
A: A cauldron was on the fire.

Q: Separated by a small hill, they never meet. What are they?
A: Your eyes.

Q: White dogs were fighting. What was happening?
A: Somebody was chewing.

I guess dogs were the go-to beast of metaphor-burden.

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White dogs jumping up and down on black tiles?

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