Happy new year!

2010 rather trailed off here at No-sword, didn't it? My apologies. I hope everyone enjoyed whatever holidays were coming to them over the year's-end/new-year season, and welcome to this Year of the (Younger-Brother) Metal Rabbit.

To celebrate, here is a detail from a picture signed "南巒". Waseda seem to identify this person with Suzuki(?) Nanrei 鈴木南嶺 — and since that final character seems like a plausible variant to me I see no reason to disagree.

What? Oh, yeah, the visuals.

Happy new year!

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The same to you, and thanks for removing that Stepford family from my gaze!


Happy New Year to you too--glad to see things are well. Worried when the site went offline that the soulless minions of orthodoxy might have gotten to you.


happy new year to you and your family! you've been in my thoughts, i've been awful at showing it.





By the way, that signature looks to be 南岳. The stamps also read "南" and "嶽" (an alternative writing of 岳). This person is perhaps Watanabe Nangaku (渡辺南岳).


Oh, man, you're right, I can't believe I put the 山 in the wrong place!

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