Ain't no party like a tongueless sparrow party

With the minimum of ado:

Found in The Tongue-Cut Sparrow (舌切雀), translated by David Thompson for Kobunsha's mid-Meiji "Japanese fairy tales" series. (More on these "crêpe-paper books".)

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Leonardo Boiko:

Ok, fess up: which one of you read this and immediately put bids on ebay for the two only chirimen-bon on sale today?


We have three (3) vintage Japanese crepe paper books in our collection that we are interesting in selling.

- Japanese Fairy Tale Series No. 24 - The Old Woman Who Lost Her Dumpling
- Karma - A Story of Early Buddhism by Paul Carus - 2nd edition
- Fables Choisies de Florian - 2nd volume

All three are in very, very good condition.

Do you have any idea of the retail value of these books? Thank you. Merci.

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