They yam what they yam

Just noticed this at the Kindai Digital Library site: a page linking to parodies of Sōseki's I Am a Cat.

From the top, you got I Am a Rat, I Am a Flea (an anti-how-to for raising fleas, with a supplement on how wives should behave: drinking and naturalist novels are right out), I Am a Kitten, and best of all, I Am a Frock Coat. You know you're in for some wide-ranging satire when you go from Darwin to the Russo-Japanese war in the first six pages.

Also, this illustration is totally boss:

Popularity factor: 3


The cover illustrations of "Wagahai ha Neko dearu" are also pretty bitchin'... a bit of Taisho romance in the late Meiji.

g master of the universe:

I love that episode of The World of Golden Eggs, where Coach is giving the football team a aerobics session, and half-way through he gives them a good "吾輩は猫である".



Oh man, that is one of my favorite Golden Eggs episodes. "Technopolis!" slays me every time. I forgive them for changing "de aru" to "nari," too. Shit's gotta rhyme, yo.

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