I can haz customer?

I got nothing today, so here are two real-life loldogs I observed posted on a shop window recently.

The text at the bottom says "I'm hungry!" in Japanese, in the standard phrasing, which is, literally, "my stomach has become empty." Thus the awkward English.

The first part of that's got to be Irasshaimase. The second half, maybe Go-raiten o o-machi shite orimasu? That aside, this dog is not much of a salesman. The only emotion he evokes is pity.

One thing that really surprised me when I first arrived in Japan is that pet dogs set off my gaidar, just like a white person would. This doesn't happen to me any more, but I think it demonstrates the extent to which we anthropomorphize pets: not only are they people, they're people of the same tribe as us.

Popularity factor: 5


That poor poor dog in the body suit. I just keep coming back to this thought when I look over the post. If one can die of embarrassment...


Some dogs set off the Gaidar, sure. But do Akita Inu? Surely notでしょう.


"...pet dogs set off my gaidar, just like a white person would."

Haha, I can't figure out what this means. Pet dogs set off your gaydar just like a white person sets off your gaydar? Or pet dogs set off your gaydar, which is what can expected from a white guy like you?

Anyhow, I agree that pets have been anthropomorphized here, with all the goofy commodities from the West and then some home grown ideas here in Japan.


Not my gaydar! My gaidar! The one that tingles when another white guy appears in an unecpected place.


Gaidar... *snicker*

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