That makes five men in total

À propos of nothing, I give you YAMAMOTO Hōzan 山本邦山's coolest album cover ever:

I also love this one, for entirely different reasons (hanc marginis exiguitas non caperet):

(Both images found at komuso.com, linked above.)

Popularity factor: 3


The top cover is definitely pimpin'

The bottom cover looks like a page from a Sears catalog, though. What, dear Fermat, draws you into this design?


The rakish eyebrow tilt? The crediting of the other players as just "FOUR MEN"? The suggestion that he is going to "take on" this quartet of (improvising) ruffians with only that thin tube of bamboo? (And let me note that he is a Tozan-ryu player -- no 2.5-shaku root-clump monsters for him.) Honestly, it's hard to say. But if I owned it it would probably be up on my wall.


That expression in #2 is sometimes called "The Spock Eyebrow."

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