Woolf, love and enka

Three links today:

  1. YAMABAYASHI Tomoki on Virginia WOOLF on Arthur WALEY's English translation of the Tale of Genji. Only one quote, but worth it. I really want to dig up that 1925 Vogue review [!] now.
  2. Ai ("Love"), an animated short by KURI Yōji 久里 洋二 with music (concrète) by Takemitsu Tōru. I'd heard this piece before but had no idea that it went with images; shouts-out to Caleb "Classical-Drone" Deupree for hipping me up.
  3. Enka as Supergenre, my new piece at Neojaponisme about UMEZU Kazutoki's new album Umezu Kazutoki plays the ENKA (梅津和時、演歌を吹く—note Classically-flavored non-marking of subject).

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tomoki y.:

Hi! This is Tomoki Yamabayashi. Thanks to your link and introduction on your blog page, I have been receiving unusually many visitors to my blog. Arigato gozaimasu. :-)


My pleasure!


Thanks for the links, particularly the Woolf-Genji one. There are more quotations from her in the linked R. Tyler article:


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