Inverse in letters

  1. The mysterious Sgt. Tanuki's review of the latest Akutagawa prize-winning novel, Potosu raimu no fune ポトスライムの船 ("The Lime Pothos Boat").

    One of the things Tsumura gains by breaking away from the first-person fixation of most A-Prize bait is the chance to create more than one actual character. The story is seen through Nagase’s eyes, but we get to know several of the women around her, including her mother, three of her college friends, and one of her coworkers. The result is a sort of composite portrait of two generations of women living in the age of divorce and more-or-less full female participation in the economy.
  2. New from the Yes We Cannery: Vertical-talkin' Goethe!

    (From the latest episode of KUMETA Kōji's Sayonara Zetsubō-sensei)

Popularity factor: 3

L.N. Hammer:

Why am I not surprised learn that you're following Sayonara Zetsubō-sensei? It's not like you periodically try to lengthen your neck.

Leonardo Boiko:

The shōwa postcard æsthetics of zetsubō sensei alone are worth the price of admission. (The bad side effect is, now I want to buy some actual shōwa postcards…)


Kumeta's art just goes from strength to strength. You look back at his early manga about the hockey team and the underage husband and it's difficult to believe it's even the same person. Literally every aspect of his approach to making art has changed. I love that guy.

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