Povera e nuda vai, Filosofia

No-sword: Most educational blog about Japan in the world, insofar as I personally am like a mad professor broadcasting Liquid Liquid from an abandoned lighthouse.

Thanks to Seek Japan for the recognition and, of course, to everyone reading, e-mailing and commenting. Without you all I would have given up and started just running J-List ads under YouTube anime mashups long ago.

Popularity factor: 8

language hat:

Well deserved! And I like the panache of "if there's an archaic phrase unused since the late Edo era, he's probably got it on 7-inch colored vinyl."


Lexicographers are now cool! Our time has come!


Congratulations! By the way, Mr. Peel (do you ever play words at the wrong speed and then tell your readers they sounded better that way?), have you gotten that paper I sent to you yet? It's been ages...


dice la turba al vil guadagno intesa


Matt, now that you've got your laurels, pray tell: How often do you change the batteries on your electronic dictionary?


Congratulations! And I notice Néojaponisme is also there. Although I am stunned to learn that I am too ださい to approach any of you, ever...


Non so se Lei parli italiano. E' un riconoscimento meritatissimo e che condivido pienamente: complimenti vivissimi!


Thanks! Morgan, no, I haven't got it yet. So bummed! Giovanni, I only know enough Italian to enjoy Petrarch with a facing translation. Denske, I too was surprised to learn that there are people more dasai than me, but apparently Seek Japan has found them among its readership. Peter, that totally depends on how old the book I'm reading is...

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