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So the big culture news is that 3 square millimeters of a wall painting inside the probably-Asuka-period Takamatsuzaka kofun (高松塚古墳) has been irreparably damaged.

According to the agency [of Cultural Affairs], the pigment of the mural, titled, "Toheki Joshi Gunzo," [東壁女子群像] — better known as "Asuka Bijin" [飛鳥美人] (Asuka beauties) — was damaged apparently by a machine during an analysis on the mural's pigment on Nov. 25. The damaged part measured about 3 millimeters in length and 1 millimeter in width.

"I believe in Japan. Japan has made my fortune. And I preserved this mural in the Japanese way. I gave archaeologists freedom to examine her, but—I told them never to dishonor her. They analysed her pigment, stayed up late. I didn't protest. Two weeks later, they used a machine, scraped her like an animal. Her paint was damaged, one millimeter by three. She couldn't weep, because, well, she is a painting. But I wept. She was the light of my life—an Asuka beauty. Now she will never be beautiful again.

"I—I went to my supervisor, like a good bureaucrat. The archaeologists were given a stern warning. A warning! That's when I said to my colleague, 'For justice, we must go to Don Buracocco.'"

"Yoshiya, Yoshiya... What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? Why didn't you come to me first? No, I understand. You found paradise in Nara prefecture, had a good trade, made a good living. The agency protected you, and there was paperwork. You didn't need a friend like me.

"But now you come to me and say, 'Don Buracocco, give me justice.' You don't ask with respect. You don't even think to call me Sempai..."

In other news, open (Japanese) book thread at Néojaponisme!

Updated! Thanks, Oidon. I have however left the Mainichi to stew in their suboptimal orthography.

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> "Toheki Joshi Gunzo," [西壁女子群像]

I must say that I was a little perplexed when I read the above. I could not imagine 西壁 being read as "Toheki". I was about to correct it to seiheki when it dawned on me that it was it was a typo for tōheki and that the kanji were wrong as well: 東壁.

And on a related note, gunzō should be preferred over gunzo...


Here is the proper link:



Oh dear, thanks for that. I just grabbed the first direction-related 女子群像 that came up via Google.

Re the macrons, I quite agree, but I decided to let the Mainichi Shinbun retain their (apparently) preferred style...

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