A voice within me keeps repeating

The Landmark Tower in Yokohama is running an odd and confusing marketing campaign for their 15th anniversary.

The theme is "I LOVE YOU!" and it comes with a regular free paper called L and YOU, but when they say you, they actually mean You, only implying you by analogy. If you see what I mean.

And let's get this straight: that anthropomorphized tower really loves You. Here's a translation of a love letter it allegedly wrote to her (that is, You), which you can find under a picture of You on the back of the latest L and You:

Dear You,

Winter decorations are going up in the streets of Yokohama. Christmas will soon be here.

My beloved You.
How will you spend Christmas this year?
If the idea is agreeable to you, will you not come and visit me?
I shall bestow upon you feelings that you shall not forget for the rest of your life.

A white Christmas.

The snow of Christmas Eve, which brings lovers together: I shall make it fall within me, that my love might be transmitted thereby to you.

The story of our love is almost at its climax!

By the way, he's not just bragging; they really do have fake snow inside Landmark Tower at Christmastime.


Popularity factor: 5


Man, I went to school across the street from the Landmark Tower last summer, and I still do not understand the point of that campaign. Also, can you believe the Landmark Tower is the tallest building in Japan? It looks so short. They need to step up their game.


The anniversary posters with You on them makes things more clear. Or is that less?


The posters with her sitting on a sofa shaped like a giant pair of lips only confuse the issue. Is he trying to kiss her, or just eat her? Is this a reverse King Kong situation where the skyscraper instead of the ape is in love? What will happen when biplanes bring it down?!


Godzilla will help destroy it.

Just like he did before.




is the corner of the building turned into a lightsaber?

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