Friends, I published a pretty detailed piece on the history of the word genki at Néojaponisme earlier this week. It's true that it relies mostly on one paper's worth of research, but matches my experience as a reader perfectly. (I ran across that example in Dōgen myself.)


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I can never disassociate the phrase "genki desu ka" from the (apparently pseudo-)gloss my Professor used to teach it: "Is your psychic stuff well-ordered?"


I was a little disappointed that you didn't mention Antonio Koinoki.


This is a good piece, but I was hoping it would be named "Genki Monogatari."


I'm pretty happy with "Genki no moto" as puns go, but now I wish I'd thought of "Genko monogatari" for the post here. History will record your genius.

Simon: I guess my argument isn't so much that your professor was wrong as that they might not realize how recently the word came to be understood that way. I do have to admit that the modern understanding is a lot friendlier and less stop-beating-your-wifey than "Has your disease subsided?"

Daniel: Oh, alright. Here you go.

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