Hino Kōnosuke's Tokyo

I love this book: Tōkyō hyakkei 東京百景 ("One hundred views of Tokyo"), by HINO Kōnosuke 日野耕之祐. Published 1967 with a list price of 480 yen. My copy cost 20 yen more, 40 years later. Here's Hino's Hachikō (the dog outside Shibuya station):

I love old photographs, too, but this sketch captures the essence of the dog and environs better than a photograph ever could. That initial search—huh, wasn't there supposed to be a dog around here somewhere?—followed by the flash of realization—ah, there it is, half-hidden behind all the people. The women's clothing is perfect, the dog's profile angle is perfect.

It's an ironic take on the hyakkei genre, which usually involves a surfeit of detail so that even those who have never been to the place can imagine it. I'm not sure that anyone could imagine Hachikō after seeing this. But you cannot but remember it.

One more: Hino's Inokashira Park. (Slightly worse scan, sorry.)

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