Lion adventure

Via Moji no Uradōri, we learn that Hakuba Lion Adventure have a great logo:

Can you see the ライオンアドベンチャー?

Bonus lion trivia to round out the post: "Echigo-jishi" (越後獅子, "Lion of Echigo") is allegedly the tune that kick-started Puccini's work on Madama Butterfly, and certainly one of the most frequently used Japanese melodies in the work—it pops up twice during the introduction of the title character alone, and the augmented-fifth rise-and-fall is one of the opera's most memorable Motives of Doom.

You can watch a bunch of kids playing Echigo-jishi on taishō-goto here, or just one kid (plus band) performing it surf guitar-style from about the three-minute mark here.

And actually this is totally unrelated, but while we're linking to YouTube: Etenraku 越天楽 on theremin and ryūteki.

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