Aw, play that thing!

Check out this shamisen face from Otono WATANNA (Winnifred EATON)'s A Japanese Blossom:

NOGUCHI Yone called A Japanese Blossom "one of the saddest literary creations which ever attempted to pass as a Japanese story", singling out for particular scorn Eaton's bizarre attempts at Japanese-accented English. While Noguchi was no innocent when it came to books about young Japanese girls speaking oddly, I have to agree with him on Blossom; the kids in it sound like they're doing an Allan Sherman bit with a head cold.

How de do! Ver' glad to see you two days. Thanzs you healt' is good. Most honorable welcome at Japan. Pray seated be and egscuse the most unworthy house of my fader.

The full plate, for your reference:

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In one of the stranger episodes of my sad, sad life, I was asked to review one of Eaton's "Japan"-themed novels for a feminist literary magazine. They very seriously (and politely) asked me to concentrate on how Eaton was able to explore diverse social issues and exploit Oriental fantasies.
Ah, but I am weak, and could not get past page five.


Given the pretend-Japanese pen name and all, it certainly can't be denied that she was exploiting an Orientalist fantasy or two. I would be interested to learn to what extent she believed her own hype. Also whether the Shogun Lyesade came to Japan down the Silk Road from Greece or something.


wtf. It's almost as if she used a machine translator (y'know, cuz Google translate existed back then) to translate English into Japanese, then back again...and added some terrible "accent."

Quality. This pic should be used for the upcoming Shamisen Hero game.


Yeah, it's definitely crying out to be some kind of skin.

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