Suntory advertises Pepsi Nex as a sort of alternadrink. The campaigns avoid cola-standard healthy-'n'-active imagery in favor of a context-free white void; spokespeople float within this and address the viewer directly. The conceptual content, though, is not rebellious in the slightest. In fact, I'm starting to suspect they're just doing it to save money.

Take this summer's new TV commercials. Why set up a festival shoot with at least two stars and a bunch of extras when you can just have OKADA Jun'ichi from V6 throw it out there as a possibility? Why cast half a dozen healthy kids for a "horseplay on the beach" bit when you can just film MATSUMOTO Jun from Arashi gettin' wacky? And why try to persuade Karina to go along with a bikini scene when your audience will titillate themselves into a collective froth at the mere suggestion of one?

That last one is the least subtle. It also differs from the others in that Karina's monologue is about her (Pepsi Nex-i-verse) self, not hypothetical fireworks or yakisoba. "I bought this intense bathing suit! I can't tell you what's so intense about it, but... I guess you could say it's thanks to [Pepsi Nex being] zero-calorie." That last sentence is for the ladies.

The poster campaign pares the concept back to the bone: a fully-clad Karina posing coquettishly under the headline "BATHING SUIT." ("水着。")


Note the period. "BATHING SUIT. I'm just sayin'."

TODO: Claim link to Japanese artistic tradition of "saying by leaving unsaid". Haiku? Brush-and-ink landscapes? Work in definition of yugen?

Also coming out from Suntory soon: Lucky Cider (with Kirakira Sparkle). Straight outta the 80s. The tagline is pretty non-committal, though: "You gotta have dreams and stuff" (夢とか、持たなきゃ).

Popularity factor: 4


Lucky Cider's slogan has me laughing aloud. What's their next slogan, 死ぬよりましかも?


Can't you see Pepsi is dimensionalizing the iterative strategic paradigms with benchmark-impactful models to disintermediate synergistic contextualizations?

But seriously, especially the Pepsi commercials, they work for me in creating an atmosphere and the right amount of social pressure. Still wouldn't drink the stuff though. I guess that's why I'm so unpopular.


Oh, disintermediate synergistic contextualizations!

I guess with that kind of staging I would usually expect some fake on-the-level stuff: "Listen, I'm not gonna blow a bunch of smoke up your ass like other cola commercials do. This stuff just tastes good. Have a good summer." But it occurred to me that they aren't even trying to do this.

Carl: Yeah, they're way lackadaisical.


That stuff is pretty nasty, but then again I am a Diet Coke drinker so what do I know?

The mere thought that they would scrimp on costs by cleverly hinting at partial nudity sends chills down the spine... I can just see a future full of commercials doing nothing but vaguely hinting at enjoying strenuous rockclimbing, a sensuous bath or an afternoon in the house drinking umeshu.

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