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Work is busy! All I have time to do is post this example of Kansai fashion that I picked up on the way back from Izumo:

This scene of horror is described as a chotto otona na hitotoki, "kinda grown-up time" (on the top-floor lounge). And indeed, I would not want my children to see this guy's outfit.

(Otona na is a modern adjectival construction used by and on the behalf of youths, particularly young women, to describe an item or act which allows them to dabble in adulthood while still maintaining their valuable, responsibility-free status as children. When you're 20, going to the top-floor lounge with your boyfriend is chotto otona na. When you're 40, it just means you're too tired to go out and find a proper bar.)

(Insert Meitantei Conan joke here.)

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Does anyone know the name of the female model? I've been trying to figure it out, to no avail.


By the picture, it seems her name is #11.


In Japan women are assigned numbers instead of names, because of their lower social status. If you are wondering why the man has a number (12), it's because of his effeminate attire.


I believe "12" refers to the age up to which it would have been acceptable for him to pair a jacket with those pants.

Carl, I had a look at the original catalog again but didn't see model names. I got it at a Sun Station in Okayama, if that helps.


The RSS feed seems to be broken. The last article I get is 13 strings enter...


I believe that "R" 's comment was just a joke. :)
Of course, the numbers are for their attires. You can see the explanations below the picture. They tell the dressmakers and the prices.


No, hm, you're revealing all our secrets!

Bill, thanks for the heads-up. Weirdly, this time it is working for me and I can't figure out what the problem might be. Apostrophe in the link to San'in, maybe...?

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