At night, with you

I have returned, scarred but triumphant. Every day the air is getting warmer. HOSHINO Aki is appearing in commercials for deodorant powered by the similarity of her given name to the word waki, "underarm". The sakura are looking ready to drop.

Here is a delightfully creepy poem called "Smoking at night with a rose" (夜の煙草と薔薇) by KATŌ Kaishun.

On the table stands a rose,
One red rose, awake in this late night.
I seat myself before it and light up.

A fog of melancholy, this;
A smokescreen of vexation--No.
At night, tobacco smoke's a liquid
Strange and burning smooth.

I bite down on it tightly,
Taste the menace of the night.
This is no human hunger, but
Some terrible other lust.

O rose, breathe deep yourself as well
Of these uncanny fumes
Revere in praise this beautiful dark power.

Our dim room in the night,
O rose, brims over now
With sensual illusion, with struck-dumbness, with allure.

So intoxicated, you would
Soon leap for my spirit, I suppose,
But rose,
I would eat you first.

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Every day the air is getting warmer.

Same here, and today it's gloriously warm and sunny, but I can't enjoy it because TONIGHT AND TOMORROW WE'RE SUPPOSED TO GET SLEET AND THREE INCHES OF SNOW.

Where is my global warming? I was promised global warming!

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Plus the fucking HTML doesn't work!

*shoots self*


That's gonna be poignant when I fix it in post. Poignant and confusing... I call it poignfusing.

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Hey look, my itals are there... and there's no snow outside! Too bad I had to go and shoot myself; turns out it wasn't necessary. Let this be a lesson to you, kids!


Now that's poignfusing!

Say no to blogs, kids.


From the year 5000

"Now, the derivation of 'poignfusing' presents an interesting challenge to the reader..."

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