Kimi no nasu mama

This post is about HOSONO "Harry" Haruomi's "Hurricane Dorothy", one of my favorite 70s songs. If you ain't know, please consult this reference copy on YouTube. That's the album version, the album being 1975's Tropical Dandy, which was the first part of Hosono's "Tropical Trilogy" and, as it happens, an ancestral form of YMO's first album of electro-exotica goof-offs.

Summary of the content: Hosono outlines the many ways in which his woman is a hurricane (eyes like a Carib wind, lips like an Arabian darkness etc.) before whom he, in his capacity as a representative of tropical paradise, is blissfully, ecstatically helpless. Then we come to the chorus and he sings a bunch of phonetically pleasing nonsense: "Bolero, bolero, la-la-lu-la/ Odoru ("dance"), bolero, la-la-lu-la, laaa-lu-la", etc. Yeah, don't overthink it.

What else does YouTube have for us? How about a nice live version performed by Hosono and some other Tin Pan Alley members in the mid-70s, all of them looking totally bombed as was the style at the time. Being a live performance, it obviously lacks the uterine-lining lush production of the recording, but the (literally) heavenly stroll-pulse is intact, and handing all substantial guitar duties to HAMAGUCHI Motoya for flutation works out great. (More Tin Pan Alley dancing available here.)

Oh: I also found this black-and-white fauxnime tribute to "Hurricane Dorothy" by Wisut Ponnimit. I guess it's nice.

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