Friend to all caterers

C.: We only have two weeks left before the wedding ceremony... I guess I should start turning into Bridezilla.

Me: What? No! Bridezilla doesn't mean "a bride who prepares properly for her wedding", it means "a bride who makes everyone unhappy by being unreasonable about her wedding preparations". It's a bad thing.

C.: Okay, then, Bramera.

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You must marry this girl, and quickly, before the aliens seize her for their princess.


As long as she doesn't turn into wifezilla later, all will be fine.


Come on, space monsters! Bring it on!


I am constantly amazed by the things I learn here. Bramera. Who knew? Now I must mourn that my ignorance allowed me to miss my chance at being Bramera. The power of knowledge, but ten years too late. Damn it.

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